Friday, November 12, 2010

Making Time for Your Someone Special Challange

Making Time for Your 
Someone Special 

Holiday madness is in full-swing.  Shopping, wrapping, decorating, crafting, parties, baking, planning, cleaning.  That makes me tired just looking at that list.  Extra time is in short supply and budgets are getting tighter.  Often we brush aside date night because we just don't have time, we are too tired, or we can't afford dinner and a move.  I know it does in my house, and what could be more important to make time for?  I want to pose a challenge to keep the romance alive during this wonderful, but crazy season. 

Challange:  Pick a night each week that you and your special someone dedicate to spending 2 hours together.  NO TV, movies, or spending money.  Be creative, have fun.  Parties don't count.  This is quality time just with your spouse. 

Here is a list of a few of my favorite ideas:

*Take a drive around town and see the twinkle lights.
*Have a carpet picnic.  (Put the kids to bed, throw a blanket on the floor, have a yummy dinner, then give foot massages and talk.)
*Game night
*Wii Sports Olympics (Make gold medals our of whatever you have laying around the house and play the sports.  Award the winner in a awards ceremony.)
*Go sledding, make snowmen or snow angels.  Catch snowflakes on your tounge.
*If it's warm, go star gazing and find constellations.
*Barrow your kids play dough and get creative.
*Make and decorate gingerbread houses or graham cracker houses.
*Make s'mores over your range.
*Who said date night has to be at night?  Have a romantic breakfast after watching the sunrise.
*Have a snowball fight.

Each Friday I will re-post this post.  All you have to do is comment with what you did that week for date night (keep the comments G rated, please).  Each week your comment will be entered into a drawing for a date night gift basket ($50.00 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice, $25.00 gift certificate to a theater near you and a gift basket of sparkling cider, chocolate, and other fun goodies to spice things up.)

All entries must be post by midnight on December 31st, 2010.  The drawing will be held on January 1st, 2011.

For additional entries:  (please leave a separate comment for each additional entry.)
*Follow this blog. (One time additional entry)
*Blog about this giveaway linking my blog to the comment.  Then come back to this post and comment that you did.  (One additional entry per week.)
*Comment on Facebook about this giveaway.  Then come back to this post and comment that you did.  (One additional entry per week.)

Our Date Night:
Last night we played Settlers Of Catan (I won!  Wahoo!) then snuggled up under the Christmas tree and talked.  It was wonderful. 


  1. I did all three. I had just blogged about not going out with my hubby because of kids and no time and money. thanks for the cute ideas!!

  2. I did all three also! Very excited to try some of these ideas!

  3. oops i just re-read and realized i am supposed to leave a separate entry for each. i posted on my blog about the giveaway and about how karl and I have a hard going out during this time of year with his job.

  4. I shared about this giveaway through facebook.

  5. We were boring this weekend...we got food to go from Red Brick Pizza and watched the Flamingo Kid together
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  6. I follow you GFC
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  7. we did date after the kids were in bed and talked

  8. We played our favorite 2 player game, Lost Cities and ate Ice Cream!

  9. thank you for the idea!! My husband and I have been married 46days!! And we promised we'd make time, for date nights. But we will!!! Looking fw'd to it!! We are going for a drive tonight! I love taking a drive w him! thanks for the post!! I will come bk and share :)

  10. this week after lots of work getting done, we relax together and started our fireplace for the first time.

  11. I'm a little slow at posting, but last weekend we went window shopping at a mall that was all decorated for Christmas with a huge tree! We enjoyed the Christmas season and time to walk and talk together

  12. this week we had a hot tub date night in the snow

  13. I was sick yesterday, so he went and got food, we ate it, then watched Hello Dolly from the library snuggled up on the couch.

  14. Decorated our First Christmas Tree and celebrated with a small drink, sat on couch and talked about our future christmas' and future traditions we're forming for our little family :)!! It was sooooo NICE! <3

  15. I am just loving all of these date night ideas! How fun!!! Keep it up. It was our anniversary over the weekend and we have a tradition of going out for burgers and shakes to celebrate, so we did. Then we drove around town and looked at the twinkle lights. Very fun and as always my sweet husband has a way of making everything romantic.