Thursday, November 18, 2010

Traditions: Santa Bag

 Santa Bag

See that red bag with the snowflakes, in the back..not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Santa Bags are one of my favorite traditions from my childhood and I have continued that tradition with my own family.  They are now one of my kids favorite traditions.   

Starting on Thanksgiving night, if everyone has been good all week Santa sends an elf to our house with a bag filled with a game to play together as a family, a movie, a treat, or a small toy for each child.  The elf puts the bag by the door, rings sleigh bells, knocks a few times and runs.  I still get excited when I hear the bells.  

How to make a Santa Bag of your own:  Find someone who sews, give them a few yards of fabric, some cording and tassels and tell them to have at it.  In lieu of compensation show them how to coupon.  I think that's a great trade.  

Things you will need:
An athletic neighbor who can ring bells, knock and run really fast.
Fun things to fill the bag.  I pick-up most of the gifts at the dollar store.

Be sure to leave the bag out for the elves to pick up that night.  (This is also a handy way to get letters directly to Santa quickly.)

On Christmas Eve Santa fills our bag with pj's for everyone in the family, a game to play together to help pass the time, and a treat to enjoy together.

We leave the bag out that night for Santa to re-fill and on Christmas morning our kids find it under the tree filled with gifts. 

Now you can start a Santa Bag Tradition of your own.


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