Thursday, December 9, 2010

Marshmallow Snowmen that Sparkle!

I am using the picture from the blog I got the idea to from because my poor little snowmen are a bit naked.  I need to make a trip to the store for a few extra's to finish these little guys off.

These little guys are just too cute to pass up.  They taste like peeps only better.  If you are a saint this would be a fun activity to let your kids help with, but if you are like me and just got the kitchen cleaned, put them to bed first, because these have all the ingredients necessary for a huge mess in little hands.

1 large bag, plus in my case, 1 more marshmallow
light corn syrup
sugar crystals
whatever suites you for decorating them
long Popsicle sticks
pretzel bags
paint brush

If you want to add arms you will need
mini marshmallows
little pretzel sticks

Begin by putting the marshmallows on the sticks.  If you are adding arms, put the mini marshmallows on the pretzels and set aside. Now, using the paint brush, paint corn syrup on the marshmallows then roll them in the sugar crystals.  Set them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet to dry.  (If you are adding arms, attach each set of arms after applying the sugar, but before letting it dry.)

Decorate as desired using the corn syrup to attach your goodies to the marshmallows.

Once they have dried completely place them in pretzel bags and tie a bow at the bottom.

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