Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Kyle took me out for Valentine's Day on Saturday rather than Monday.  (We never celebrate a holiday on the actual holiday.  It's kind of our thing.)  He treated me to lobster, crab, and shrimp and then he took me shopping for...drum roll fluffy bath and hand towels.  I'm in heaven! If I went back in time to teenage Barbie and told me that I would be super duper excited about bath towels I probably would have hit me, twice.  In the arm.  Really hard.  
I love my hubby.  What a lucky girl I am!
My handsome hubby and I Dec. '09
 It looks like Valentines Day  has exploded in my house, and not in a good way.  IT'S A HUGE MESS of red and pink glitter, candy and there are little love hearts all over the place.  For a holiday I really don't care for much this seems a bit over the top, however I love my children and I'm happy to do these things for them.  Now I just need to get someone to do the dishes for me and we will be set.  Here is the final craft/candy count:

48 Valentine's Day Juice's (Thanks Heather for the adorable idea, you are unbelievable creative!)
100 Cupcake Liner Lolly Pop Flowers
6 dozen cakepops
3 dozen candy heart cupcake toppers

I have a video of how to make the cute flowers, but I can't get the video to load, so HERE is the link to the site I got the idea from.  They are so cute, but 100 was overkill.   I never ever want to make those awful leaves ever again.  They took so long and tested my patience in every way possible. 

 Here is the cute Valentine's Day Juice.  My friend Heather gave me the idea.  She made them for her daughter's class and I just couldn't help myself.  I had to make them.  They have a packet of Kool-Aid and a straw attached.  On the back of the label it says Valentine's Day Juice.  Heather's where so cute in adorable pinks and purples and she called them Love Juice.  I like that name better, but these are for Preston's 5th grade class and I just don't see that going over well for him. 

I made cakepops for a Valentine's bake sale that is a fundraiser for The American Heart Association.  These are my 3rd attempt at cakepops and I'm getting the hang of it.  Kyle, who helped me, used his amazing engineer mind and figured out a technique that made them much smoother and prettier.

That is what we have been up to at our house this weekend.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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